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its a stretchy wash but not enough to size down one unless you wear your jeans loose already...  stick with your normal size.  
I would email Luisaviaroma on the measurements of the 40 to see how they stand for your foot.  But theres only one left in the U.S
i live by Pasadena, California.  you?
if you guys need help finding any item/size PM me, i work at Diesel and am more than willing to help out any member!
hey Dieselicious, the only size available in the U.S is a 7.5 and 10.5   Think you could fit into the 7.5?
 that is the one i speak of.  im sorry to hear they are ruined.  you mustve partied too hard in them haha.  
personally id say stick with your normal size on thavar jogg.  they dont stretch out as far as the other joggs due to the non elastic waistband.  
no one post any jogg? the black krooleys are pretty amazing this season
so the dior homme outlet  Desert Hills Premium Outlets   is gone?!?! No longer listed on the stores?
offers anyone?
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