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  I'm wearing the Superdrain cut by H&M in the darkest wash available. They actually weren't originally shorts.. *PLOT TWIST* lol After a long, tedious and unsuccessful search for denim shorts.. I thought.. why not find a pair of jeans that fit me well and just turn them into shorts? *EPIPHANY* I tried the Superdrain's on and I really liked the wash/cut and for a pair of jeans under $30 I was sold!! I took them back to my flat and in ten minutes I had the perfect...
I'm wearing a denim scarf in an acid wash from Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren.  
      I'm wearing: 1st generation Jogg Jeans! 
  I bought this PRPS denim shirt on one of my trips to LA back in '09. This was my VERY first PRPS purchase so needless to say I was incredibly stoked!   For those of you who are not familiar with PRPS.. they are an American quality based denim label.  All the cotton that is used in their denim comes from a very specific region in Africa. The conditions in these regions are ideal for producing strong, resilient cotton. The cotton is shipped from Africa to Japan...
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