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Definitely 8AT
Congrats dude ! It will be a day to remember !  
Phukette, Aramis, mattias, thanks mates. I'm loving each day a little bit more the Safado cut but I'm still very much into Viker for the comfort. You know, when you don't really know what to put on, I just pick a Viker and "voila". I think I'm going for the 811P when I'll have some cash. karacho > you always have this stylish casual vibe, I like that.
Happy Easter everybody ! Today : Dockers Top Safado 0806X Clarks Montacute Duke    
Safado 801D black (more like dark grey)  
biazed to the rescue ;) I'm thinking very hard about buying the viker 811P. I think the distressing is interesting but a little bit in-your-face. I like it much when it's subtler. I'll have to see it in flesh when I have some time. By the way, does someone know what this wash is ?
Loving the Thavar 802K Phukette. The combination with the sneakers and the white tee is really cool. Less is more. Sunday outfit : Viker-r-box 887Q Superdry long sleeve grey tee Timberland barentsburg chukka as usual.
Thank you both :) Here is my outfit today : Levi's white tee Revolution RVLT Doherty leather jacket Safado 885R again Timberland chukka again but I love them   I'm not so sure about the safado though, what do you think ?  
Damn Aahz, those Acne Max Raw are just fabo on you. I think that imho, those are the jeans that suit you best. What would be the equivalent cut if it was a Diesel ? Thx
It's cold out there in France so: Brummell coat Superdry scarf Diesel sweater Dockers polo Safado 885R Timberland Barentsburg Chukka  
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