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[IMG][IMG][IMG] I thought these were real but I took my normal size and can't get them on. They seem to run about two sizes too small so it's making me question their authenticity.
Hi! I'm new and didn't realize there was a thread for this. I made my own ... sry!! But can you authenticate these jeans? http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/197034/fake
microstitching says- la lt sw ri ste ? Also, the fit is very different than my other stellas. I find the legs very tight and these about a size small. My other stellas are equally as dark btw. The shape of the horsehoe threw me off on the interior pocket as well.  
I own several pairs of authentic Trues. After deciding I needed some throw around pairs (didn't want to pay retail for) I started ebay shopping. I found a few that were indeed authentic but these are tripping me up. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. The feel of the denim isn't soft like my other true religions. It's pretty coarse, in fact. But, if they are fake -- they are the best fakes I have ever seen. Is it possible to have a coarser jean (these are stellas...
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