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not sure what color you wanted, but Nordstrom has the Goldsign Misfit jeans for 40% off http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2926821/...bo=6007712&P=1
fake. i don't recall A&F making a fur bomber without fur lining for $228. the highest priced coat is $198. ($228 is the price for ruehl fur bombers/parkers)
i tried some WR stella in different washes at my nordies rack a while back and they all seem to fit true to size now...much better than the billie engineered bootcut, which seems to taper too narrowly at the knee for my liking and a bit bigger in the waist. missD, you should probably stay with a size 24. hope this helps!
is the h&m designer apparel better in quality & fit than regular h&m stuff, or just more expensive?
there was a pair in the mall...i think they were billys in a 26.
same size for me in both joey & johnny (at least for stretch).
WOW! $55 for brand new agent gwens are definitely a steal
authentic! i always love ebay's good deals
Quote: Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed Hmm This little bit of information was never given to me. That IS in poor taste.. So, were you going to back out of the sale if the seller hadnt lowered the price? Just curious. No, I was not going to back out of the sale. I PM'ed the seller and asked if she would price match the one I found on eBAY. The next day, I even PM'ed her again and apologized if I did offend her as I never try to upset...
-annie: i know where you're coming from and i should have mentioned that i needed it within a week when i made payment just to make sure there would be no such problems. but i just don't think shipping OVER a week later from payment is reasonable and that has nothing to do with when the actual item arrives, as it is under the control of the post office. the seller, according from what i was told through pm, did not go on the trip until friday. so there was at least 3...
New Posts  All Forums: