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I can't help but look. Dave, I am asking to be banned.
I personally dont use the word. Much. I occasionally use it in a joking context in the line of immature insults []face. I could live without the word, but I believe that it should be evaluated on a case by case basis. Sometimes it might be the appropriate word for the situation. In the case of a title of a book or something, it is not offensive. In the case of using it to describe dirty things or to insult someone, it is offensive. The same as shit can be used...
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP I found that washing mine in warm water ( only when I have to) inside out actually tightened up the stitching. If you are running them in a dryer it will also pull out/fray the stitching. The bigger the stitching the more chances for it to be snagged, become loose ect... I usually let them air dry after washing.... This is what I do as well, and to dry, i use one of those clamped pants haners and hang them in...
Quote: Originally Posted by cebseb Two or more of following are required for removal or locking of a thread. Additional inspection will be required about a thread's value if it has lasted for more than 6 pages, in this case, 3 or more of the following 5 points must be met. "Foul, disrespectful language" "Non-constructive cristicism" "Petty Bickering" "Racial Slur" "Complaint PMs Recieved by Moderator/Admin" In the event that a...
My haircolor!!!! Dark Dark Brown with a red base, looks purpley in sunlight!
What "c" word? Cause it dpends on which one it is. I definitely wan tot be able to say cut #.
tee hee.
I never said that Dave, I said people, meaning everyone involved. I was trying to defend you, and now I'm very offended.
hello! have a nice time here!
I love you meow, and you sense of humor and what not, but I am dead sick of this mess. I'm sure lots of people are. The people deeply involved in it are tired, and do not want to talk about it any more. Shit happens. People fuck up. No one is perfect. There are two way to deal with this, IMO. Keep rehashing it and dredging up old bad feelings, or freaking drop it and leave everyone alone. Sorry about the orderline NCC, but I am freaking sick of every single...
New Posts  All Forums: