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So have you guys seen the new story line for upcoming washes in the different series of Diesel...kind of interesting, and since I'm a slim/skinny jeans type, I like what I see for Shioner/Sleenker/Thavar http://www.diesel.com/denim-male#!/stories/essential
I'm like 3 years late of course, but are these sold? lol just curious
 Getalonginated-Thanks man, I appreciate the help!
Hey guys and girls, these are some really great posts! So I know this thread is mainly geared toward Diesel and how fantastic they are or, in rare instances, are not, but I'm wondering if any of you have tried Nudie jeans? I'm looking to get a couple pair of the slim cuts, and I'm wondering about the fit. My go to series under the Diesel brand is the Thavar cut (30W x 32L) Shioner cut (29W X 32L) and sometimes Thanaz (30W X 32L)...so compared with Nudie, what would be some...
@straychev, I meant to say thanks to you as well, thanks for the info! I appreciate the help guys!
@Phukette and @Denim Addict looking sharp fellas! I'm impressed as usual!
@Audit30, thanks man, appreciate the help!
Hey to all of my fellow denim cronies...can anyone of you help me I.D. these bad boys right here: http://www.yoox.com/us/42290006TJ/item?dept=men&tp=47830&utm_source=criteo_us&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=yoox_us&utm_content=abandoned_carts#cod10=42290006TJ&sizeId= and these...
There are a lot of really nice outfits posted on this thread! well done to everyone, seriously I'm finding washes that I had forgotten all about thanks for the reminders! lol Specifically @Dieselolic and Phukette... while I'm a pretty stylish guy, well to be honest I'd say I'm very stylish...if I had time to take more pics I would, but... being from Washington, DC and living here you see all kinds of fashions...and I have to say that I'm EXTREMELY impressed with both of...
I may or may not have mentioned before about how I prefer online shopping as I feel there's a bigger and better variety of my favorite brands and denim I like to try. So within the last 5 days I've added to new pairs and styles of jeans to my collection: Thanaz 813Z http://www.probusnyc.com/diesel-thanaz-813z-jean-p/diesel-thanaz-813z-jean.htm Thavar- 0816M http://store.diesel.com/us/jeans_cod36428366ce.html PICS SOON TO COME!
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