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The Holy Grail of denim
thanks bro!   i got them from ysl.com
Diesel tee under shirt
It's Ralph Lauren from a couple years ago
diesel underwear i promise!
Lol! It is the legendary Karacho! Super guy!
NOT ME   who can guess the DB member in the photo! ill give you 10% off any of my jeans for sale, lmao!
thavar 886b - mint condition! worn less than 5 times (amazing)   3d wrinkles all over the place! like new, seriously, they are new, just don't have tags! best decision you will ever make in your life! if you read this and do not buy them, you will regret it forever~!   lost wiegt now need 27 or 28 waist, my loss your gain!   hurry up and COP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Denim collector if ur heading to London gove me a shout!
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