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@denimaddict you are one of the very few that make me want to start wearing diesel again! bravo!
Got this cool ass bronson Fedora from allsaints
another pair of boots
figured these were worthy of a post
hey other people, start buying stuff so i can want to buy more stuff! 
LONG SHOT, but anyone have any promo codes???
the sizing is pretty true, I could of got a 29 but went with 28 (got input from others that have them)   the legs are very skinny so I don't think there would be a difference, but everyone said the waist stretched about 1 size.   they are a re-issue of the ss14 destroyed.
Been a while since I posted, sold my w13 blowouts and crash, just picked up these
got a new SLP belt and shirt in the past month or so, but got these yesterday!
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