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yup 888Q
great jacket! needs one pit pics asap, also pics of the back of the jacket
Thanks, today is thavar jogg with my blenham bomber
i got it online, it was a bit more than i normally spend, but i had 20% off, so it helped. lol   its a 48, could of went 46 but i gave my self some room for sweaters underneath.  summers over here in England, already wearing jumpers everyday.
still waiting for the raws
thanaz/sodera shirt
lol, nothing was at retail, and all these purchases were over the past 2 months. so i didn't drop mad bucks at once. lol   i did buy a new jacket and a pair of black raws, in the past week. can't wait, my  first pair of raws!
no diesel, but mail came today!      
they look great, are they 100% cotton, also d02s?
allsaints tee SLP jeans SLP sneakers
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