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Will post fit pics as soon as I get them back from the tailor.  these run a bit big, there is no coating, they are just palin black raws.  nice pair of slim jeans!
SLP aw14 raws
you should be fine, just make sure where ever you order from accepts returns, then you'd be golden!
NICE!   my collection is growing to fast. lol   i got a pair of AW14 black raws coming in the mail, should be here in a few days. cant wait!
yup 888Q
great jacket! needs one pit pics asap, also pics of the back of the jacket
Thanks, today is thavar jogg with my blenham bomber
i got it online, it was a bit more than i normally spend, but i had 20% off, so it helped. lol   its a 48, could of went 46 but i gave my self some room for sweaters underneath.  summers over here in England, already wearing jumpers everyday.
still waiting for the raws
thanaz/sodera shirt
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