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How much should I expect a pair of Claw Marks to stretch?   I tried on a pair in a size 30 today and I couldn't button the top button. I wear a size 30 in the Second Round wash and they fit perfectly but those are 98%/2% vs 100% on the Claw Marks.
What are the deal with LVR sales?!   Also, is there a thread like this on Balmain Biker jeans anywhere on the internet?
I have a pair of the 19cm waxed black. For size reference, I bought a pair of 17.5cm washed MIJ in a 30 and the 19cm waxed black in a 29.
wash in hot water? should I risk drying them?
My pair of Second Round 17cm stretched out a little too much. How can I shrink them a bit?
    The best I could do with the camera on my laptop.   (The camera was pointed down, makes me look even shorter than I am. The door looks huge!)
  Don't have a full length mirror at the new apt yet. Will try to get fit pics somehow soon.
  I actually don't know if the two I got are actually called "Secular Waxed Stretch" and "Second Round". I'm just going by what they're called on LVR. The "Secular Waxed Stretch" tag actually said "Shining Black" if I remember correctly. They removed the tags at the boutique.   Would LVR use a different name? or different markets use different names?
Picked up 2 pairs today from the Singapore boutique: 19cm Secular Waxed Stretch (29) 17.5cm Second Round (30)   I think my true waist is a 32 and these both buttoned up without too much struggle. I hope they stretch a little bit in the waist and thighs (I have big thighs) so I can sag them a little.
They're part of the pre-fall collection.
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