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Quote: Originally Posted by sinclairaw costco kirkland brand is better than all of the above also, one of the national brands makes a "premium" tuna in a gold can, it is very good too. agreed, the price is cheaper as well
this should be a sticky
Great to see Kaskade tracks posted. Got to eat Dinner with him in Toronto. Awesome Producer/DJ and very nice person.
props for getting it back
its all good...most of diesel's stuff is not made in italy :]
i made a big purchase with paypal so i selected my cc as the primary funding source. It still tried to take it out of my bank account that i have setup with paypal...and of course there was not enough cash in it. Bank slapped a nice $35 fee on me...so frustrating
I had PRK done a few months ago. Best thing i have ever done. I have 20/20 vision now. Both my parents also had it done with perfect results
track pants and a diesel tee, with a tie of course... you dont wanna look too casual
does anyone even notice a bag? ;p
i love my 8bm's
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