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Thanks coldsteel
Nice outfit gents. Aramis, which Nudie cut is similar to Thavar? And what about the sizing?     Shioner 817h Religion T shirt (isnt that Tshirt too short?)  
Hi, which shioner is this, please? And should I go TTS? Thank you. http://www.yoox.com/sk/42342788BF/item?dept=denimmen#sts=sr_denimmen80&cod10=42342788BF&sizeId=
Thanks straychev, this is my first shioner and you are right, it fits great. And the wash is amazing, one of the best DNAs.
I hope they put there the shioner 822c. Not much wrote about this wash, but I really like it.
Shioner 817, sorry for poor photos
Hi guys, have not been here for long time and for long time didnt purchase any jeans. Im looking for shioner 817h, but my question is, if they are not too much similar to the thavar 8x2 - dark version. What are the biggest differences? Or which colour could you advise me from SS14 or older, but DNA, in shioner, thavar, krooley...some slim fit. Im looking for lighter versions. Nowadyas I own 811p, 8x2, 888p, 886b, 806p, 8nj. Thanks.
Thanks guys, I have the same opinion, only to be sure
Its the jacket not to small?         
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