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How does the 880M fit?
Why nobody offers L34???
I tried them today and I definitely send them back. Its not my cup of tea, Im not feeling ok in this cut, maybe sizeing up would solve the problem, but I wont risk. I try to change them for belther, but in diesel store they dont have my size, will see what they answer on my email.   Im 32x34 in thavar, so I think, after study of the threads on this site, I should not change the sizeing...or?
Karacho, the denim itself is very comfy, but yes, sizeing up would be better for the legs, but waist is ok in this size. Nevertheless Im affraid, that sleenker is not my cut. What you gents say, if I try them change for belther 830j?
Thanks guys, the waist is ok, thighs ok (could be better, a little more loose), but the calfs are weird from my point of view, I dont know if sizeing up will change anything. Maybe its only habit (Im wearing thavars), but Im 195cm long and Im affraid, I look little bit weird. I have to look into the mirror tomorrow, when its more light.
Sleenker 830j (my first sleenkers), not sure about the leggins fit, should I size up? Do they stretch?
I personally dont like this image watches like Armani, DandG, Hilfiger and many others, its like Mercedes starts to produce computers or jeans. In watch society they dont have any respect. You better buy the Fossil, Fortis or Steinhartd, Laco, Stowa..., its really good quality for a good price. Secondly, you really need big wrist, if you want wearing watches with case diameter more than 42mm and the diesels have I think 55mm. So big watches would look funny even on Arnold...
Yes, and the 70% off was only one day I think. And thanks for your opinions guys, I will send them back.
Today received the thavar 827w from jeansonline only for 75€. I took w31 and w32, but the 31 are too tight for me and I send them back. But see the crotch on the 32s, it looks little bit weird, too much blue, its like I pissed myself. Or whats your oppinion? W31 W32
Its necessary to size up?
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