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Thanks for all info
Juzicon 600u from giamat This belt cost in cultizm 179€, one lady made it for me only for 15€ 😳 Its a decent leather, 5cm wide and realy thick. Here is a comparision with a Levis belt
Thanks phukette, now you make my decision easier. And snare are cheaper? They both cost cca 200€, or where did you bought yours? Ebay?And one question, Ive tried the diesels in 45, which fit me perfect, should I go with snare also 45, or 46?
Phukette, which boots you like more, Allsaints snare boots, or Diesel chrom hi?
Great fit nickma, welcome to skinny world
He was out of house. On tuesday ordered, on wednesday in my hands :-)
Anybody knows his email adress? Ive had PM him a couple of time, but without answer.
Is there any difference in fit between these two jogg jakets? I see, that juzicon dont have the front pockets. I like denim jackets if they are longer, more to the waist. Thanks
Its sleenker 830j.
Why do the joggs have only common sizeing, 30, 32, 34...? I need W32 and L34. Or is the size, for example 32 a bit longer, than normal thavar length?
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