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Hi guys, this would be my first "what diesel are u wearing" post. Thavar 816B with diesel steel boots
that is a cool looking trench coat! any up close picture of this please? the grey/black trench coat on the left. much appreciated. thanks!
thanks dponce but i am looking for 30 length. :)
Want to buy used or new. Thanaz 887k 27x30 or 28x30
like phukette said, its about losing the value. its very rare that you can flip selling a used pair. the point is you lose less money if you don't alter your jeans when you finally decide to sell them. it might be a 10% or 20% drop from current market value but if you don't care about that then go get them hemmed so it better fits you. its not a ridiculous concept, its just a concept not applicable to you. :)
thanks phukette! since 834f comes in 32 length, i'll just stick to 608t.i hope giamatshop still has my size when i'm ready to buy.
hi phukette,   are you familiar with 0608T thavar? i wanted that to be my new purchase but after seeing this, i am not quite sure. do you think they similar but 0608t being a darker version of 834F?
hi, can you please send me exact measurements?   waist thigh inseam hem   thanks :)
i am planning on buying dry selvage thin finn from nudie. http://www.nudiejeans.com/shop/dry-selvage/p/2737 what do you think? lol if i indeed buy this, would you recommend me wearing it then soaking it in bathtub?
Hi guys,   I have never owned a pair of raw jeans ever but after seeing pictures, it really got my attention. I know this has been probably posted a lot of times before but I am just curious if what brand stands out "NOW" as in currently. Is it the same? I saw lots of recommendations for Naked and Famous or Nudie. Has that changed? 90% of jeans I buy are Diesel. I strictly wear thanaz, thavar, shioner. What do you guys think of Diesel turbo 8y9? Phukette was nice enough...
New Posts  All Forums: