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Hello   I have a pair of DIESELs that I like a lot. All the other parts are perfect, HOWEVER my waist size is over by at least 2-3 sizes (i.e. W30 but I should be wearing W28)   What's the "professional" way to reduce waist size? Will my jeans look ugly after modification?   A tailor recommended cutting the waist and re-sewing it together...   Help?   Thanks all.
brand new with all tags, never been worn. (tried it once)
I know this is a rare size for this jean, so just wondered what everyone's opinions were...   To be honest, I bought it for myself, but it doesn't fit, so I need to get rid of it...   Thanks for your comments.
To anyone that knows Diesel, this item speaks for itself.   Available in a rare size, 30x32! BRAND NEW, NEVER BEEN WORN!   Item is located in Hong Kong, shipping is included.   Please see pictures!
Shioner 881L Darron 809V   both are amazing :)
Wow Aahz AMAZING as usual!
Any chance that 613S can come out in Darron, Safado just doesn't look good on me :(? I noticed they just had Larkee 809V, modeled after Darron 809V.
Can someone tell me what line/name is this denim jacket? I think this is a really good deal right now...thanks...   http://www.yoox.com/us/42290020AP/item?dept=sprwkmn#sts=sr_sprwkmn80&cod10=42290020AP&sizeId=
  Hello   I've been lurking but since I just got these in Milan, wanted to post them. (IT WAS REALLY COLD THERE TWO WEEKS AGO!)   Superdry Leather Jacket (2013 Version) Darron 809V Clarks Desert Boots   Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!
Please help me identify this.   Thanks a lot!   http://www.yoox.com/us/42266162JT/item?dept=denimmen#sts=sr_denimmen80&cod10=42266162JT&sizeId=
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