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D-Zippy in colour Titanium
they are already in the only store, just checked it a minute ago. damn some of the new denims are really badass...can´t decide which one i should get first.......................
Thanaz 72C        
my newest pickups..........        
thx man workin 4 me in austria too. just ordered couple of stuff 
startet my journey summer 2012  thanks to 2 friends of mine. went a little crazy at the beginning. so here is the list of my current collection so far i remember all of them.   Koolter 883D Koolter 8QT Koolter 8V4   Safado - A 0UMF Safado 803M   Levan 772 Dughan 88Z Chi - Blado - B DBG - Excess NP   Larkee 73Q Larkee - T 880L   Iakop 73Q Timmen 8AT Yarik 70Z   Shioner 19Z Shioner 806N Shioner 74Y Shioner 881L   Krooley...
@lorna great chill fit @edge yeah the cut looks good on you         THANAZ 8WW
copy that.....
new denim in my collection and i must say that it is one of my top 5 imo.....   Thanaz 8WW          
good job with that green bulb looking great
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