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Big fan of the original Diesel cologne. Still have some myself.
Just got the Krooley 600V Jogg jeans. Material is very rough...maybe even brittle? I feel like it's a little like an old sock where the elastic is wearing out. From a reputable store, and looks authentic. Do these hold up well?
20% off on 6pm.com 6PMCYBMON113020142053
You should get legit jeans if you order through Amazon. Third parties may be a risk, so look in to them.
Those 0RUS4 Zatinys look OK. I've seen some of those USA tags at Nordstrom Rack.
Just got Krooley 811p from 6pm.com. Jeans look great, but it has the stamp. I did not expect that, as I thought 6pm was only Zappos clearance. Only $86 though.
I'm curious if it is "raw" too. It has a tag that says the colors will fade in the wash....but I've seen that on non-raw pairs.
Thanks! Good news
Is shopsurplusclothing on ebay legit? They have a lot of good deals, but looks like stock photos.
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