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I could see the left pocket in the original posting, though no closeup. The seller most likely overlooked them since they are transparent! However, to ask for a large partial or even full refund is definitely not a reasonable action! The buyer basically wants this pair for free because of seller's careless mistake?! If I am the seller, I would offer her like 10 crystals, and if she doesn't accept, just ask her to return them and issue her a refund. Just my opinion.
I have them for about 1 month so far, and they don't really stretch out. They fit tts for me. They are the most prefectly fit R&R I have, cuz they are not big on the waist. If you are a tts 24, then you should go with 24 Iradium as well.
No, stay with your regular TR size. Quote: Originally Posted by jeansfreak if they're rigid, does that mean you need to size up?
Yes, Mee4 has 3 pairs of size 26. I bought Iradiums from her and was attempted to buy the Xanex pink from her last week, but backed out cuz I bought too many pairs in the last 2 weeks! I am a true 26, and they run tts to me, not enough to size down.
I am a professional violinist. I also play the piano. When I was in high school, I had a band and played the keyboard, we had some concerts and went to competitions. It was just fun for me, but other members in the band actually took things seriously, and they are now one of the most famous bands in my home country!
Go for the lowky BC 60B or Bebel BC in any washes. Lowky 60B are flare and Bebel BC are bootcut. Very hard to find Lowky 60B in L30, but I think you can still find L30 in Bebel BCs. 60B are stretch, so you need to size down. Some Bebel BCs are rigid then you can go with your regular TR Joey sizes. R&R sizeing is too complicated, I don't even want to compare. And as I told you in the other thread, just call the woodbury Diesel outlet, they have the Lowky BC in smaller...
Call the Diesel store in woodbury outlet. I just remembered they have the Lowky BC 60B in smaller sizes, but don't remember what exactly...
Most of my TR rigid Joeys are 26, and I wear size 25 on the Lowky BC 60B. They fit perfectly! So if you wear 27 on rigid joesy, go with 26 on the lowky BC 60B! Good luck finding one, they are amazing jeans and my favorite pair.
Me too! I fell in love with Diesels again when my boyfriend got me the lowky BC 60B!! I am looking for these 81M too, how do they run?
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