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I purchased them on Beverly Center, US Los Angeles.
hahaha Me too. This is such an EVIL website
With Friends and Family 30% Sale I bought them with $190 including tax   Here are some pictures        
I got them from local clothing store. Size is W28 L 32. But I am thinking about return them back to the store.What do you guys think?    The jacket is WESC. 
I just received my 888p ~~    
Hey guys   I recently bought pair of waxed black jeans.    After my first wearing, I noticed couple big and small white marks. I tried to get rid of by dusting out but it did not work. So I used little bit of water and it did not work.   I searched on the web and there were couple ways of get rid of them when you are washing them but since this jeans are waxed I been advice that I should minimize the washing. So what should I do?   Oh, I already tried...
        This jeans is little bit shinning    And I am really satisfy with this jeans      
I have to think about it more but more then likely I will buy it. If i buy it I will post the picture with wearing them
  Looks great but it is $200 in yoox. And I have kinda similar Dark blue jeans with white wash in Nudie. Black Weft Indigo...Do they really similar to each other?
This is Shioner, right?
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