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Voted! Good Luck.
Model: X-Rotuck, Wash:796 Since it's been altered and converted to straight fit, it'd be difficult to estimate the price. I'd say $40-$60.
Well Phukette, I have some evidence to support my claim. Wash 88Z first was introduced by model Zatiny. Zatiny 88Z was MII and it was nice, I still have mine. For the next season(s) they started making them in Tunisia and the quality went bad. I wanted to get one for my dad, but due to the bad quality I didn't. Same story for Zatiny 8AT, wash 08AA, and 8SV. first MII, then MIT. Once the country of manufacture changes from I to T the quality gets messed up. On the other...
@freeradial82 ---> finally found out Larkee 806P is made in Romania. Better than Tunisia (I guess). http://m.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/item/monkey/d-c06-806p/ Post some worn pics once you get it. Good luck!
Yea i saw your photo then I ordered it it's a little too much distressing. Maybe I'll try to cover the one below the right knee. I don't know yet. Any ideas?
[IMG][IMG] Viker R-Box 8T5 First set of photos. Sorry for the poor quality.
Where did you order it from? I'm looking for Larkee 806P (34x34) as well. I have hard time wearing slim fits . They are not MII, do you, by any chance, know if it's made in Romania or Tunisia?
Thx Firegarden for the info. Anyways, even if they carry Viker 811P I don't think I bought one from them cuz i don't usually like paying taxes, i might pay $800 for a pair of jeans but when it comes to pay taxes I am becoming very cheap :)) So I might wait for a better opportunity. I remembered I ordered once from Ssense, it was a Zatiny 8E7 i guess, i just don't remember if they charged me for tax on top of shipping or not. they are located in Canada I guess, aren't they?
How come Diesel store US doesn't have Viker 811P, but there's one listed on eBay from Poland? will they even add it?
Hi all, Trying to clean up my closet, so i am selling some of my jeans which are mostly brand new and unused. You can view my items by clicking here http://www.ebay.com/sch/armenpb/m.html?item=271156076443&pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item3f22295f9b&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 All options such as trade and combined shipping are open. Please feel free to contact me with your question, offers, and suggestions. Thank you.
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