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In great condition. Wore 1~2 times. Diesel Thanaz 660Q size 30X32 Shipping can be estimated upon request
In great condition. Wore 1~2 times. Diesel Thavar 816K size 30X32 Great Wash from 13 FW collection Shipping can be estimated upon request
Karacho, all I can say is that if you are in the modeling business, other people will be out of jobs. Anything you wear looks AWESOME on you!!!!!!!
74M looks good too.  and 880X !!! 
Ya. The only thing they cost like $400 at least. Can only wait till the sale comes and hope it goes on sale.
Awesome style. The jeans look very good on you.
Hi, I know Narrot doesn't get much love here. But I have been wanting to give it a try for sometimes. I am wondering does anyone know  wether or not to size down? Since I usually grab my Krooleys one size down from Shioner and Thanaz to make them look slimmer. So for Narrot should I sgrab the same size as my Krooleys? Or even one size down?   Thanks in advance!!!
I like mine. Its pretty dark like what I expect. Actually looked better than on the diesel store. The diesel store one looks pretty blue to me.
Looking great Leftvapour
@ Karacho, great fit on the 888p, wanting to get a pair myself! Krooley 801N   sorry about the blurry pic
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