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Thanks all!!!   ;-)   Less than a month now!   Been posted to Korea for 10 days and then.............. back States Side!!  
Hi all,   I am still in the military but I have less than 40 days to go now.   I love this site and usually I am just happy to lurk and enjoy all the new posts, but since I am soon to start building a wardrobe I have decided to register and maybe even contribute a little.   Thanks for a great site   Toffee
I used to access SF as a lurker for a really long time. In fact, I rarely have the time to participate on forums, so lurking is what I do best lol.   There are a few members on SF who seem quite nice, but most of them are androphobes with low self esteem who mistakenly view clothing as a way of creating new personas and who use SF as a means through which to live their sad new fictitious existences.   That in itself is not so bad, but then I realized these guys...
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