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I will try and start my paypal claim. On one of the forums some said how they got their money back.. file a claim through the NC district attourneys office.. Will try both.. Sure wish I had done a seach on the company before I ordered.
Avoid this company..I ordered 2 bras from them..They have never answered emails or phone calls.. They direct you to the paypal site immediately, and sadly PP took the money out of my account.. No CC so no recourse.. Then I did some reading and lots of people have been ripped off by them.. Just a heads up and pass this info on to any other forums that you know!
Hey I did not pay for them and sent the seller this link.. they still say they are real..
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i haven't read the entire thread.. but here is how to get your customs fee's or some of them back..I had it happen with a pair of shoes.. that they grossly overvalued.. On the back of the invoice is instructions...I have send CanadaCustoms a copy of the action final value and my paypal statement of what I paid and I did get a refund check back from them.I hope this helps
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