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Tepphar fit you nicely. What size do you take compared to say Thavar?
A 'Pre-sale' (Consumerism) is a social and economic ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in even greater amounts.
 Cheers for the advice dude. I think I may wait for the sales and try pick them up then. Any idea when the in-store sales are due to start in the UK?
 What's the sizing like? I normally wear 30/32 in Thavar and Shioner, but I got Tepphar 820s in 31/32 which fit me pretty good. I could have got into a 30/32 easily but I wanted to avoid the 'skin tight' look (I like a little bit of give).
When is the next Diesel (in store) sale due (UK)?
Just recently got my first pair of Tepphar (820S) and I'm loving the cut.   I'm looking for a dark charcoal washed out black pair of Tepphars. I've got 803E, 806Q, 833Y, 822R and 813D all on the list, but I'm struggling to see a lot of difference between these washes in photos. Just wondered if anyone has these pairs and could recommend any of them or any others?   I'm kind of leaning towards 833Y at the moment.   Any help would be great, cheers
Thavar 811p
http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/181562627950?nav=SEARCH Sorry!
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