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Anyone bought from this guy before?   http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/cocon-style2?_trksid=p2047675.l2559   Seems like a trusted seller, but doesn't hurt to get confirmation from you guys.
Sorry to drag up an old thread, but thought it better than starting a new one. Just a quick question. Anyone know of any websites that are selling these in 30/32? Ebay has them, but still a bit expensive, and yoox have them at a good price but not in my size! If anyone knows where I get pick these up in 30/32 for under £150 that'd be great, cheers
Ok cheers. I'll look into 511's. I'm a 30/32 in diesel, so I guess I'll try a 32/32 or 32/34 in levis?
What would you say were the levis equivalent of Thavar/Shioner? I'm looking to get a couple of pairs for work , but I'm lost when it comes to Levis! Cheers
Any chance of some fit pics?
Where did you get them from nickma? And how much?
I know this isn't Diesel.....hell, it's not even a pair of jeans, but this is my last chance before I give up looking for this. I spotted this Levis Jacket last spring (2013) in a John Lewis department store. Not sure what it was called or anything, all I know is that I took this picture and it was the last time I saw it.....ANYWHERE! So if anyone can help, I'd much appreciate it.   Picture looks quite grey, but it it was more green.    
I don't know if this will help, but I'm usually a Thavar and Shioner guy, but tried on Krooley 811p in store and really liked the way they felt. I've got pretty skinny legs, but Krooley didn't look too bad on me I thought. Anyway have a look and see what you think. My normal Thavar/Shioner size is 30/32, but if I was to buy krooleys I would probably size down to a 29. The ones in the picture were a 30/32:         Just for comparison, here is how Thavar fit me:  
 hmmm, doesn't sound like much that would interest me at the moment, but like you say, give it another month and that might change!Thanks for the low down anyway, it's much appreciated.With regards to the Krooley being £40, he said they were the 'faulty' ones. I think like baltimore said, they have a faulty section where you can get really cheap jeans with small imperfections. Did you see that section?
 If you could let us know what Thavar and Shioner they are carrying, that'd be great! Also some pictures would be welcome as well ;-)
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