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Rocked my new pair of Thavar 8AA this afternoon. 
Alright, I've got a pair of Thavar 880G that I bought from a Diesel store in Denver last year around February. I wore these things probably over 100 times, washed only twice (last wash was this evening), and I can say that they age very very similar to a raw denim. The wash originally had no distressing or markings at all, it is a beautiful dark indigo. After wearing these things for almost a year, I think they look absolutely amazing. The denim is still in great shape,...
I was thinking about starting a subreddit specifically dedicated to diesel. Would anyone be interested in something along those lines?
I want that jacket. Bad.
Love the wash. I've owned many many pairs over the years and the last couple pairs I've purchased have been clean undistressed like these. The last pair I bought was the Thavar 880G which I love but I ordered a size up from my normal size (usually I buy 26x30) and they ended up stretching out just a little too much, I'll probably end up selling those on here soon.   Just checked up close, they're definitely authentic. 
So, I haven't bought a new pair of Diesels in a little over a year but recently purchased a pair of Thavar 8AA on eBay. On the inside tag, where it normally has "Made in Italy" stitched, it says "Made in Tunisia". I'm 99.9% sure the jeans are authentic; the fit and sizing are both perfect but have never seen them without the "Made in Italy" stitch.    Anyone else own a pair of Thavar 8AA that have this same issue?
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