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Somebody know where to get jeans in style like the grey one from this picture?   Is this fit like tepphar???? That is absolutely the best fit
Why you all don´t like Tepphar slim carrot? I only wear 1 Tepphar Joggjeans and it was the best and stylishest jeans i´ve ever weared.   I think Krooleys are too wide.
Both are 801i according to the description of the pages. If I would surely know that this tepphar look like the lighter one, i would buy it. But as I saw the asos picture i got confused :S
Or do someone know another light-grey diesel jeans with this lightning stripes wash in a slim carrot stretch fit?
why nobody owns it :-/ i think if it would look like the first picture, it would be a very cool jeans for a very cheap price for a diesel.
I´m looking for a worn picture of this tepphar. I`m asking myself wheater it is light or normal/ darker grey. I´m searching for a light grey one..   Check out:
Hey Guys,   I saw this cool grey jeans on Diesel.com:   It seems to be a very cool light grey with a white light stripes wash and the fit i want. At the top normal fit and down to the feet slimer.   Then I googled the tepphar 0801l and found this pictures on which it looks much darker.                               So i want to ask you in which pictures i can trust? Is it a light grey or a normal/ dark grey? If the...
Do you ever tried a tepphar?
Hey guys,   I´m searching for the best grey Diesel Jeans for me. I never had a Diesel Jeans before. I were in 3 Diesel stores, but i didn´t find what i want yet.   A school mate has a really cool. It has a slim carrot fit and is light grey and it has triangles at the cuff. He means that it costs 160€ and this is exactly what i would pay for such a jeans. Maybe you know this model?   I think slim carrot is the best fit for me, because i have very small...
What´s with Kakee? I think it´s slim carrot fit. And what would you think about this: I have very small legs, but i want a slim jeans. I think about slim carrot like tepphar or kakee. I love it when the legs go slimer but the thigh has a regular cut, because then my legs look best.
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