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Does anyone else have an opinion?  I am in the process of buying some new jeans, and I would like suggestions of what look to work with.
2 is 505, 3 is 513, 4 is 511.  Don't have front pics at this time.
I would like opinion on these jeans.  They are all Levis, but each one is a different cut.  They range from more traditional to more modern.  I am an average guy, somewhat tall, and a little flat in the back.   Take a look at the pictures and give me advice on them.  What look is better?  Any suggestions are welcome.  I have the pictures numbered so that I can easily keep track.   Thanks for the help!   https://www.flickr.com/photos/15021207@N08/
I would like opinions on the fit of these jeans.  They are actually two differnet cuts.  I could not get the second pair in blue.  I would like to know which pair looks best as far as the fit is concerned.  I want to know how they look on me.                            
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