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Hi, i have one ! Do you still want it ?
Hi, im selling this Thavar 884s, W28L32 Worned 4 times, never washed.   If you have any question, feel free to contact me.
Hi, im selling my thavar 888p in W29L32, worned only 2 times, never washed. Its a yellowish version.   If you have any question, feel free to contact me.
The krooley is still available !
Hi, these 3 jeans are new, never worn.   Thavar 880g W30L32 : 80 dollars BNWT Krooley 811p W28L32 : 180 dollars BN Thavar 884S W27L32 : 100 dollars BNWT +shipping price (40 dollars or 20 dollars for France)   If you want some informations or photos, feel free to ask me.
Thanks ! And what about the length ?
Hi, i wanted to low how the 805a fits compared to the 811p or 888p I wear 28x32 on 811p and 29x32 in 888p, do you think a 28x34 un 805a would be toi long or to slim in the waist ? Thanks for your advices
wow this sellor has 2307 sells..
  well the waist is good, i can wear it without belt and its fit ok, a w27 would be too tight, i dont like when u cant moove in ur jeans
today, 8880m :
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