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FOR SALE:   diesel darron tapered 28/32 810L new with tags bought 158 euros. sweat hoody diesel stifone size s offer ..... shipping to belgium 6 euros and 15 euros to europe
FOR Sale:   diesel narrot jogg jeans NE 600s collection summer 2013 bought 270 euros but i've change my mind and i'm actually choose a krooley jogg jeans new with tags.... shipping belgium:6 euros shipping europe:15 euros   staisfaction or refund
for sale   diesel denim blue shirt sonora size M 50% bought for my brother in a local store in aix en provence 190 euros last week but too large for him... shipping:6 euros to belgium and 15 euros to europe satisfaction or refund!!!
Hello, Usually i take size 28 in krooley... Do you think That is better i take size 30 for the tepphar ? Thanks a lot
Ok i m interested for the 800e krooley size 28 but i Will buy it at the end of the month .... So keep me this size of the krooley 800e;)
Very beautiful... What 's the Washing?
... Krooley 600v... Mythique également en denim brut même si je rejoins totalement m3linj quand a la perfection de coupe du narrot(incomparable avec le jeans narrot) !
Désole la tof est a l envers mdr... La longueur est un poil plus longue que le krooley.... Plus 32 que 30;)
Non ici en France il m ont dit que la plus petite taille était le 28... J ai vérifie sur le site diesel et en effet le 26 n est pas dispo...
[IMG] i ve buy today the narrot 600s on aix en Provence, i agree totally With you great fit (much better than the krooley ) and great washing ( it semés like 880f without the scarves) !!!
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