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Have you ever tried Braddom style? I have seen them in a light grey 8QU wash that looked very interesting.
As far as I've seen, I would say that 880G look very interesting on Krooley. In regards to the 88Z wash, mine have faded a lot so I wouldn't recommend!
I would also say that those seem to be fake and even if they weren't, I would say they are far from being an interesting model
I prefer and recommend Fred Perry
I currently have 2 Diesel leather jackets. Still, I find leather jackets from Hugo Boss much better in quality (they use more lambskin instead of lower quality leathers) and also in design and I don't think they are much more expensive than Diesel's if you purchase them online.
I have the 8NJ wash and I find them much looser than any of the other 8QU, 801W or 8Y3 washes.
If you have used PayPal, I don't think you have much to worry about as you will be able to open a dispute for this transaction anytime you want and as you won't receive any jeans, PayPal will grant you the money. Just make sure that you don't sign any letters/packages that you may be suspicious that may have been sent from that website as I once had problems for receiving a signed-for and empty package from a fake seller who then claimed to PayPal that I did receive what...
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