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Awesome shirt!
awesome pickups!
Hello everyone, sorry for the junky photos the light is not great in here right now.  The jeans are Saint Laurent SS13 light wash 100% cotton MIJ.  The quality is good and the fit is cool.  They are similar to Dior fit, the waist is more true to size.  I wear a 29 in DH, 29 in Diesel. These are a 30.  The sneakers are last season, good quality.    
ok cool, This helps alot. LVR e-mailed me back and they said the 30 waist laid flat is about 16in. Most of my jeans seem to be about 16.5in.  I just ordered 30 waist im assuming they will have some stretch.
The jeans looks awesome.  I was looking at these on LVR.  I was hoping you could help me with a fit question. The only DH jean I have is the last version of the jakes 17.5 and I'm a size 29 in that.  All my Diesel jeans(Thavar,Sleenker) are 29.  What would be your suggested size for these?  Any help would be great, I hate having to return items ordered online.  Thanks again!
they look like "Clouds in the sky"
Ok cool, I feel better about them doing it now. It's at ricarddi boutique in Boston, the Christian Dior store down there recommended this place to purchase the jeans, and they will alter for no extra charge if needed. Thank you for your response!
Hey guys,           I just purchased a pair of ss12 jakes. love em they fit great(waist). However, they are a bit long for me, even for a stacking look.  I would like to have them taken up 2-3 inches.  If they are done by a good tailor and done properly, Is it going to wreck the jeans? Ive never had any of my jeans taken up and im a little worried because these jeans were semi expensive :/. any thoughts?
hello all! im looking for a size 30 dior homme "jake" 17.5 pref.ss12, but open. it would be my first pair.  If anyone knows of any websites besides lvr and dior.com. that would be a huge help as well. Thank you!
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