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Just got this in last night, It's from the new Surf Sound collection. Its pretty dope
@zdenal_cz They look awesome dude, They are a bit stiff at first but after a few wears they start to form to you which is awesome, not only that but if your stacking the bottoms, they stay in place great and develop creases which makes life a bit easier when getting ready.
 Best fits are 100% from the 2013 collections. and they are pretty TTS.  Some of the newer washed denim from 2015 im taking a size 28, which is nuts cause im a true 30.  ssense is good for measurments
I think its a nice fit for you but I would go down another size.  The Waist and leg area above knee will be a little tighter which is what you want.  I would exchange for a size 30
lol, lets see the Raw Hem I have to make myself buy a pair
Thank You! I heard the fit of the light waxed is really nice, Personally I am just not a fan of the look of them. the Raw Hem's are pretty much my go to pair of jeans, I have 2 pairs from previous season which I heard are a bit slimmer than current seasons Raw Hem.  I think Glorious^^ has a pair of the new version. I like the Idea of a pair thats not so skinny, ive been debating buying a pair from this season.  Ill have to see some fit pics first
@gloriouscafe I know you got some new shit! 
Saint Laurent Cowboy Wyatts(AW13) Saint Laurent Raw Hem(14 version) Coffee Tables.. Pottery Barn
Im going to try and upload more outfits and Info to this group because I would like to see different outfits/styles that people are using with Saint Laurent.  If anyone has any questions as well feel free to ask.
Saint Laurent cowboy Wyatt boots Saint Laurent Black wash jeans APC Top coat
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