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The blowouts are super cool, where did you pick them up?
lol i think we have 4 people here, which is nuts cause SLP jeans are the tits... how do the black 02's fit? you said you sized down 1?
Sick... im jealous cause their shirts are awesome looking but they dont fit me right, im too bulky up top. so my normal size(medium) looks like its spray painted on
Ive only owned one pair of 17.5 SLP jeans and ive since sold them off, if i remember the thigh area was just as tight as they are in the 15.5,  someone who owns both now or has had more than one pair of 17.5  might be better for this question.    
Hello, what DH were you used to wearing 17.5? also, where were the SLP jeans small? 
@Gpoop Thank you, Cheers! sweet outfit as well that coat looks cool as shit dressed down with jeans!
Saint Laurent classic black jeans 15.5cm Ralph Lauren Shirt All Saints Lance boot
No not at all, I'm 5'8ish 160lbs
Thank you! its a Medium, I got it last winter in Boston and I love it, its my go to!
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