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Hello all, im not sure where to post this on here, this seemed like the best place. if not allowed please delete.  I got this last week. it does not fit how I would like. It retails for $1,448.  Im looking for $650 plus shipping.  Its The Pilot Shearling jacket in a Size Medium. its 100% Sheepskin. I can put it on Ebay, my scores are perfect. 
agreed ^, id go with a Medium
@gloriouscafe those are awesome
looking good dude, your a huge burberry fan aren't ya, The blue burberry brit coat you have is sick!
This Easter I'm going with my best fitting pair of slp jeans 15.5 cm raw edge in black, Saturday's surf NYC sneakers and a all saints T. Happy Easter everyone! ... Also, I purchased these last week I'll post some fit pics soon, they are super tight but I think I'm keeping them. I got them new on sale for $389..
@jeanetic looking good man, great outfit!
@jeanatic the 15.5cm cut looks kick ass on you, get rid of the bell bottoms for sure, i can't comment to much on the wash cause it always looks different in person but the fit looks awesome!
@Phukette Perfect, Thank you for your help!
Help... Im about to order my first pair of Tepphar, I am typically a 29 in Thavar.  Should I size up/down or stick with my normal size.  I know they fit different and ive never tried a pair on, any help would be great. Cheers
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