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These are mine if anyone is interested, i figured i would put it out there http://www.ebay.com/itm/Diesel-Thavar-608T-29x30-Sleenker-Tepphar-0888p-811p-blue-eyecons-all-saints-/281546114730?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item418d74c6aa
agreed ^ nice pick ups man
Just ordered these bad boys from luisv, hopefully they fit cause i think they look kick ass
awesome jacket!
Saint Laurent Little Crash jeans All Saints Sweatshirt John Elliot Tee All saints Lance boots  
go with a 42, I made the mistake when i was in Boston a few months ago to buy a size 42 cause they were out of 41, I wore them home and then ended up ordering a 41 which is what you see in the pictures. all my all saints sneakers are a 41 so I would stay true to your normal size.  
The blowouts are super cool, where did you pick them up?
lol i think we have 4 people here, which is nuts cause SLP jeans are the tits... how do the black 02's fit? you said you sized down 1?
Sick... im jealous cause their shirts are awesome looking but they dont fit me right, im too bulky up top. so my normal size(medium) looks like its spray painted on
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