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Welcome Emilio,   I have had a lot of friends on different forums as well as on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and many of them did not speak English well, but over time picked up the language and became quite fluent. If you stick around long enough I am sure that you will pick up on a lot and learn about your favorite jeans! Two in one package! Have fun, Eric
Welcome DieselZafLover!   You will have fun here if you are a Diesel-lover for sure! Never fried Zaf's myself, maybe will have to try on a pair! Hope you enjoy your stay, Eric
Hudson jeans seem to be by far the most comfortable jeans I've tried on aside from Diesel's jog jeans.     Eric
This was fun to read, wonder whats in it for 2013! Hopefully not flares!
Welcome Toffee!    
w00t. Welcome! Vintage denim fashion is awesome!
Welcome Catherine! 
Diesel and CK Boxer Briefs!
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