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Nordstrom seems to have Nudie jeans most of the time, I have even seen them at Nordstrom Rack. I normally get them there or I order them from the Nudie site. I live not far from the actual Nudie Jean House so I should try picking them up there!
Actually Nudie did orginally just put Nudie on the back pocket tag but the newer jeans (for years!) do say "Nudie Jeans Co." but there are jeans that are authentic that just say "Nudie."
Hey Dave!   Doing good! Busy Busy Busy as usual with school and work online, ah! I wanna scream! But busy is better than not.     Hope all is well with everyone,   Eric
This shirt is awesome!
I'm not sure. I am sure if someone does know they would help. This may not be the place to get the answer though as this is a denim related site for the most part, I am sure if this was a pair of vintage Diesel or Levi jeans you would have had them verified in a matter of minutes.   But there are a lot of people knowledgeable about many topics and I am sure if someone can verify they will help!   Best Regards, Eric
Looks like you pulled off double-denim pretty well, wish I could learn how to more! I always seem to have to wear black jeans when wearing my denim jacket. Looking good!
  Looking good. Slimmer jeans seem to flatter your body type, much like mine. I am sure you will become addicted to the slimmer side of denim!
I see the fits to stay skinny for the time as people are really not fraying away from it at all and I am totally okay with that! Possibly more out-of-the-box jeans similar to some of G-Star's designs; different pocket placement, extra pockets, zippers, etc.   We shall see soon!  
Top Gear <3
I like cut-offs. I like to DIY them. I have a bit more of a edgy style so I like to tear them up and have fun with them. I like that making your own allows you to have them at whatever length you feel comfortable with. Here in California we have a lot of vintage shops and its fun to get a old-pair of designer jeans, cut em up, sand em, make some cuts and wear them for the summer. Affordable and customizable.   But many places do sell Denim shorts. I know Lucky...
New Posts  All Forums: