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YES! I just listened to these at Guitar Center in Oxnard, CA. They are awesome! I so want.....
Yes, I believe Joes do now make their jeans in China, "sigh."     Eric
LA Native myself, whoop! Welcome! Love Diors, just not sure if I can reach that deep in my pocket at this time, but do post pictures of yours in the What Dior are you wearing? so I can live vicariously through your denim.   Welcome to the site.     Cheers,   Eric
Nice fits!
Happy Birfday Levislad!!!!! Wishing you a great time.       Eric
Lifelong? Doubt you will find a pair that you can use for life. But I know my sister has a pair of Hudson jeans that have lasted years and years. She still wears them a lot and she says they are amazingly comfy.   But who really wants a pair forever? Imagine how out of style they will be! Most designer denim lasts a good time with moderate wear and good care.   Eric
My sister loves her Naked and Famous as well as my friend Matt who also is a avid wearer of Naked and Famous. Citizen of Humanity has stepped up there game this season but I think more so in their women's jeans.   I always here good things about APC and seen many celebs that have been featured on the DenimBlog wearing them and the fits look pretty good.   I'd go for APC or Naked and Famous but they really specialize in raw denim so if you are looking for a raw...
Cannot tell a lot from the pictures, I'm curious to what Levi this is.   Not sure if you should go with such a high rise....     Eric
I actually liked when they did the normal cars! But this is fun too.
Hey! These look awesome! Makes me want to get a pair of Diors. I must ask what sweater is that?
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