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agreed, less is more.
I have always been afraid of paint plattered jeans. Do you get a lot of compliments? Fit looks good.
Love the jacket, the wash is perfect.
This outfit is perfect imo, But I may be biased as I love all BLACK outfits.
Jeans look so... weird w/o backpockets. Not sure if I could EVER pull this off. Looks very western
Ooooh, sounds like you are a real denim enthusiast, you will fit in nicely here!! I like J Brand Tyler fit as well, so simplistic, timeless and a great fit.   Glad you joined the cool kids club, :p Eric
Hi, SydneyH! I've been to Eugene, OR, its beautiful up there. California native here! Welcome to the DenimBlog Forums,   Eric
I so want these!!!!
Your welcome, did you end up getting your camera yet? Excited to hear about what you chose and how your liking it. Keep us updated.   Eric
They look alright on womens denim, not my favorite but they are alright and different. I like that you can be unique and DIY some of your own.       But for men..... I don't think so. But who knows my views change day by day.
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