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Welcome!! :)
Here are some recent things I picked up.     All Saints Skinny Runner Jeans     Basic All Saints Tee All Saints Gauntlet Boot Diesel The Mil Lumus' Cap Toe Boot    
Does All Saints leathers ever go on sale?
They are great!    Proud Nudie owner, CE
Welcome Amanda! I was born in the OC and lived there for years! Brea, Irvine, etc.  Welcome I'm sure your knowledge will be appreciated.   Eric
Welcome! Whatever makes you feel good, right? You'll have fun here.     Eric
Thank you, new fits to come!
Nudie's Thin Finn is their skinnier fit. It is skinnier than Thanaz's but not by much. I would say Thanaz are between Slim Jim and Thin Finn's in fit.   But OP is pretty spot on I think the Tight Long John is pretty close to the fit of Thanaz and Thavar.   EJ
  Not in Diesel, but thought I would share a fit to introduce myself here.   Here I am wearing: Zara Denim Jacket G Starr 3301 Coated Jeans Ray Ban Folding Wayfarers (Black) Next time I will for sure post a Diesel fit, hope you all do not mind CaliforniaEric
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