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^ Thanks for the tip! I'm in Richmond too! =)
I guess it's worth a try- you guys are all so awesome! lbelle- size 25 if TTS or a 24 if run big, or even a 26 because those fit sometimes too! Uranium Roths Any Fleurs- full length Thanks! =)
I was wondering the same thing...anyone? Are they TTS, or do they run a little big like the crops?
Thanks for all the fast replies and good advice- you guys ROCK! Rhythmatic, "It was maked damage though. But barely, there was a tiny tiny tiny distressed spot on the butt that could possibly turn into a hole over time but with the size of my butt,i had no worries." This made me laugh so hard!!! And tharms_vt, I found them through a seller on Ebay, so I can check to see if she has more!
These look good to me, but I just wanted to get some more opinions! What do you think is a good price for these? Thanks! Oh, and compulsiveshopper314, YOURS LOOK GREAT!
Here are the pictures of the pairs of jeans that I got from Nordstrom.com...they look the same in the pictures, but in person I feel like the washes are slightly different...can jeans of the same wash vary slightly? I ordered two pairs in the Amsterdam wash, so are these both Amsterdam, or did I get something else instead? Pair #1: Pair #2: Thanks for your help!
Thanks for your help! I'll be sure to post pictures when I am selling them and hopefully someone can help me identify the correct washes then...
The wash codes that came on the Nordstrom packages are BDY and DBL- on the order summary the DBL is for the denim blue amsterdam wash, and I thought BDY was Broadway- what was is BDY? And is denim blue amsterdam not the amsterdam wash? Sorry for all the questions- I'm still learning all the washes and styles. Also, I made a typo with the style- it is U130162U- sorry about the extra 1!!! (u113) Does this make better sense?
I ordered two pairs of A pockets in the DBL (Amsterdam wash) from Nordstoms.com, but instead I got one pair in Amsterdam, and the other pair is the Broadway (BDY) wash. (they are both beautiful!!!) My only questions is that both came with the same Style number and cut number on their tags- is this possible? I will post pictures tomorrow- both pairs are authentic as far as I can tell, but how would they both have the following info: Style: U1130162U-162U Cut #:...
Does anyone know where I could find these jeans in a Sz 25? I have had my eye on them since I saw them on sale at Nordstrom.com, but they never had them in my size (or at least that I could get), and now they never have them! I have never seen them on any other site (I'm still pretty new here), so any advice? I LOVE THESE JEANS!!! http://store.nordstrom.com/product/p...e&pfindi d=15
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