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style & co at macys!! They are 300 thread count egyptian cotton. Style&co. "300 Thread Count" Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets - Style&co. - Bed & Bath - Macy's But get them in the store, not online cuz they are always on sale. I believe the King sheets are on sale for $79.99, so the Queen sheets would prob be around $69.99 This is the only ones we get and I love them, they are so soft. For towels we get Hotel Collection, also from Macys. They are thick and super soft...
^^that's about right where mine is too. I do agree that it's better than lower due to the bending of the wrist and all. Congrats!!
I got gas two days ago for $4.07 a gallon. Today it's $4.19!! And this is for regular 87.
Quote: Originally Posted by mgoeclipse ^ yea, nearly everyone Ive asked said wrist. Ive heard that can be pretty painful too. I dont know about covering it n stuff. wrist tattoos look a little gangster to me I guess, ha. But if it has to be more than 2"x2" the wrist wont work hey! I have a tattoo on my wrist and I'm totally not gangster! It's a plumeria flower and yeah it hurt but nowhere near the pain I was in for my lower back tat....
you have to remember too that if you get something so small, it has to be very simple. If it's the least bit complex it will look horrible over time as the lines could bleed into each other then you'd be left with a blur!! More detailed work NEEDS to be bigger. I have 7 tats and my oldest one I got when I was 18 (which was almost 17 years ago). None of mine have changed size, even my bikini one and I was prego twice.
I heard about that on another forum. The only problem is that you can't send payments via credit cards.
best bet is to contact them via live chat.........here is info on how to do it: How do I contact Customer Support by eMail, Live Help or phone?
Quote: Originally Posted by barbie_az ^^ i know, someone else told me they JUST had an increase in feb!! i mean, it's a little here little there that adds up fast!! that is nuts about your wallet and what it is now compared to when you got it!! First increase of 2008 was Jan 23rd. Second was April 17th. There will prob be at least one more if not two. I believe there were 4 last year as well.
out of all the ones you posted, I would get the montorgueil since it's the cheapest and it's a cute bag!! If you're looking for something cuter that's comparable in price, how about the batignolles vertical or horizontal? I have the BV and I LOVE IT!!
$172 for those............ARE THEY HIGH?? There's def not $172 worth of material there!!
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