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SHIONER 817H seems very nice!!! cant wait for it!!!
I have a size question, too If i can fit in Darron 809V 27/30, shoould I size up for Shioner 805A? Can anyone help me with it? Thanks!!!!
Hi everyone   I am looking for BNWT Shioner 805A 28x30. If anyone has it for sale, please PM me with your price, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.   Thanks!!!
cannot wait to see more. I hope they will have shioner blue eyecons on fw13. 
Here is my Darron 809V 27/30, hope u guys like it....
I am so in love with blue eyecons series. I like Darron 809V this season so much, but I have never seen Shioner 805A and Darron 803W in person before. If I could only get one of them, which one would be my first choice?  How you compare the wash 809V to 805A and 803W? Really need some advices here, thanks you guys a lot.
I gonna go to find my size on Darron 809V this weekend. wish me luck. lol
  Hey Locky What's wrong with Darron???
I just saw Darron 809V in store today, and the wash is so cool. I wonder if everyone will choose 809V over 803W.
  Sorry Locky, there is no link. It is in store only...
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