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Hey guys, I've just received the first pair of jeans I ever bought online, Thavar 880g 32/34.  Length was perfect, but, not to my surprise, I picked the wrong waist size. The waist itself is actually not a big problem, the problem is the thighs that are unbearably tight. It doesn't look bad, but skin tight isn't really my style. Plus, it's uncomfortable. To give you guys an idea, when I took off my jeans my thighs were red all over, I guess because blood had...
What. The. Fuck: http://www.us.allsaints.com/men/shirts/allsaints-comic-short-sleeved-shirt/?colour=10&category=501
Disappointed in 809v also, the distressing was WAY more apparent on the samples that were being sold on ebay. Also dislike that shade of blue. Will be waiting for fit pics, though.
Yeah, and I don't really like those asymmetric biker jackets because I don't like how they "hang" when open. New items added to the website by the way. Nothing eye catching so far, for me at least.
Yeah I'm 10cms taller, if they fit you just right they'll probably be a bit short for me. Gonna have to wait for someone to post an ad on ebay with measurements
How tall are you by the way, and what size did you pick them up on? I wanna buy Kroogley 807T jogg (new season), but I'm thinking the inseam will be way too short for me (I'm 6' 2")
I guess they're different enough for me to get both. I really like grey jeans (some shades of grey, at least) and then I'll have an option for something more dressed up (810x) or more casual and simple (807C). Thanks for the reply Locky!  
Did you see 807c? Would you say it's too similar to 810x to warrant buying both?
I don't wash 'em much either, I use them up to 20x before giving them a wash. But it sucks that the stacking goes right on the first wash. Would professional dry cleaning preserve it?
Does pre pressed stacking always disappear on the first wash? If so, what's the point of having it?
New Posts  All Forums: