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602s is definitely interesting.
That last bit didn't quite make sense, but you always give solid advice so I'll go for a medium. Thanks!
Did you happen to try it on Phukette? I'm confused about the sizing. I'm usually a medium but I found the ruin leather shirt to fit me perfectly as a large and be way too tight as a medium. Any idea if I should get a large or a medium on the pea coat? I'm confused because the website describes both the shirt and the coat as slim fitting, but I just feel the coat is naturally larger because it's double breasted
That looks cool Phukette (though I'm not a fan of the round finish). I hear good things about their boots, but no experience myself. For anyone interested, there's an avern in size small up for auction right now, and it's bnwt: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Allsaints-Leather-Avern-Jacket-NEW-/290862135249?pt=UK_Men_s_Coats_Jackets&hash=item43b8bbf7d1 What do you guys think of their diverse leather pea coat? I'm debating myself about whether I should get one.
Looks pretty good.
Thought I'd leave this here, pryv just sent me comparison pics between 807c and 810x (I wanted to see how different the color was):  
The thavar definitely fit you best, sanmiguel. I wouldn't size down unless you like really tight jeans. Just received krooley 801n! Awesome wash and I nailed the waist size perfectly (at last). They were actually snug on the thighs, and since krooley is supposed to be more on the loose side, I have to assume my thighs are indeed a bit large. Will post pics later.
What wash is this: http://store.diesel.com/us/skinny_cod36391033cs.html ?
Do other thavars fit like 880g though? I saw people in old threads saying they were tighter than usual in the thighs because the denim is so thick.
Yeah, I'm selling it then. I think I'd be fine if I just sized up, it's not like I have thunder thighs and the waist was pretty tight also.
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