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I know, I looked around but all the threads about it are really old. Thanks for the help. Can anybody confirm if Diesels are usually larger than Pumas?
I'd size up, personally. I was on the same situation with the Ruin Leather Shirt, and I stuck with it until I found out it simply didn't fit me.
Hey, when Yoox says "The size indicated on the product label is 45 (European Size)." does that mean that the shoe is actually a size 45 european and they just converted it to american sizes on the website? I'm asking because their conversion is a little off, 45 EU isn't usually 12 US
Hadn't seen that yet. Might still be worth it to consider stickying more threads, like the ones I mentioned.
Anyone have any idea if their conversion chart (US to EU) for shoes is accurate, or if their shoes are under or over sized? Any help appreciated.
Hi, I was just wondering why this forum doesn't have any stickys (stickies?)? Seems like there are quite a few useful megathreads here, but they often get pushed to the second page and below (not to mention that they are always moving up and down even within the first page, which is annoying), so why not sticky them? Maybe we could make a list for what needs a sticky. Here are my suggestions: What Diesel are you wearing today?   What's your latest purchase?...
Looking for Tepphar 804k size 34x32 or 34x34, if anyone got info, please send it my way
I'd get it in Thavar, but 804k doesn't come in that cut. I recently picked up Shioner 886A in 34x34 and it turned out alright, but I'm guessing Tepphar is even skinnier usually. Besides, safado 804k is much easier to find. Thanks for the heads up about the inseam!
I'm 6'2", that'd fit me only if I split myself in half =P If I pick up 804k in safado, can I get to look somewhat like thavar by sizing down or is safado too loose for that?
Sorry, I tried finding the "ID these diesel" or something for the other thread I opened, but I guess I didn't look hard enough. This time it just didn't occur to me that there was a thread for this sort of question, but it won't happen again.
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