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Can someone help me with sizing though? I like slim cuts with some room at the thighs and a tapered leg (just like Justin Theroux in the pics above), so I usually bought diesel skinny cuts (Thavar and Shioner) with 36" at the waist (usually a size 34x34) though that often still meant the thighs were just a little too tight. Any thoughts on what I should get for Dior?
Man, I've been buying from the wrong brand, Dior jeans' look amazing! The fit seems to be just how I like it too.
Not to mention huge balls for taking all the risks he did.
I'd be wary of calling him a genius as I think that word gets thrown around way too lightly these days, but I'll be damned if, like Steve Jobs, he doesn't have some incredible business sense.
That looks great Ramirez, perfect fit, exactly how I like my jeans to look on my. How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking?
I wish man, Denim Addict measured his 32L Tepphar 804k for me and it only has about 82 cms of inseam - I'd need 85 at least. That's life I guess =P
Man, those Tepphar are awesome, sad that they don't make them with a 34" inseam (what's up with that anyway?)
So, does anybody know of great black denim - and by black I mean pitch black, and not dark gray? It doesn't necessarily have to be diesel and can be pretty basic too.
Too bad there's pratically nothing worth picking up right now
The thing about being tight on your biceps will really get to you at some point, trust me. It's the main reason why I sold my Ruin jacket. That other one you linked to is pretty cool IMO, though the color of the Bloomsbury seems cooler. If I were you, I'd sell your Bloomsbury, pick up the Kinman (Large, obviously) and stay on the lookout for a Bloomsbury size L (check Ebay.com and Ebay.co.uk every day, it's bound to show up eventually). They're both different...
New Posts  All Forums: