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I'd like to know too
So this is coming out officially on the f/w collection?
I'll have to disagree here, I often reduce the waist on my jeans because my waist is apparently disproportionate to my thighs according to denim makers. If I size down, my thighs don't go through the jeans at all sometimes.   Taking the waist in is no huge alteration and, in MY experience, doesn't alter the fit of the jeans in any other area (at least not with a decent tailor). It'll obviously reduce your selling price later, if you intend to do that.
I'll second that, those look awesome!
Size 36 it is, then. Thanks zdenal.
I agree. And yes, it's an awesome wash.
Thanks for the answers sac000, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply =] I'm mostly worried about the thighs - though I believe I have slim legs throughout, for some reason my thighs are a problem area for skinny cuts. Ass and waist are usually alright. When you say tight upper-block, does that include the thigh area? If so, I may really have to size up from my Diesel size, but I'm thinking finding a size 35 will be nigh impossible.
I was looking to pick these up as well, but then I noticed they're raw and all I'm looking for are plain black jeans. Are they supposed to fade?
Looking for Dior Homme Fuel to Fire on size 33 or 34. Could be used as long as it's in good conditions. Feel free to PM, I usually answer fast.
While I'm here, can someone tell me what wash is this?  
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