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I'd like to know as well.
But that's because you're a dwarf.
Liked the T-shirt, where is that from?
About 5 times. It was recommended to me by another forum member, and I've since confirmed it to be very reliable.
is that website reliable? They claim to have 804k with a 34" inseam, and I thought these weren't made on that size
Use www.NYbox.com, best proxy service available.
I don't think so, audit30, the back pockets are completely different from 806q =/
Thanks, Karacho! Do you know the wash number?
Anyone? I'm thinking it's a Tepphar, but no idea on the wash - Likely from a recent season too, since I took the pics from a pair currently on sale at farfetch.
Can anyone ID this Diesel wash?    
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