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Quote: Originally Posted by cassidyfit1 OK.......even though I am new here I am a Louis Vuitton/Balenciaga addict. There are LOTS of discusions on Purse Forums about i offer. They are unfortunately NOTORIOUS for FAKES !!!!!! I wouldn't trust this. They LOOK real.....but they could also be a bait and switch.... And the seller has a 0 feedback rating too (( So depressing and frustrating !!! I filed an IFCC on one ioffer seller for a bag she...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hera HEHE I don't want to see anyone get screwed out of there money How have you been? I'll email you Thanks, I found the log in thread. (= I'm good, looking forward to your email.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hera Honey, Those PICS ARE REAL, However, Be EVER SO LEARY of bait & switch....please. I would want to see one in each size, the pics of actual recieving jeans. IMO I would altogether stay away Hi (: You're preaching to the choir. I noticed the seller has zero feedback and I wondered if the jeans sent are the same ones in the photo.
$190 is such a good deal, too bad this seller has no feedback.' Btw, do you have to log in each time you want to post? I do!!
Quote: Originally Posted by short_round I'm 5"1 and I have very short legs! My inseam w/ flats/tennies is 27-28 and 29 w/ heels. So I think they'd be too short. If they are too long to be crops just hem them a bit You're right and these jeans haven't been washed, so they could get even shorter.
The price is just right! What would I do with a pair of flood water jeans? lol
That's what I thought. I can't stand jeans that are too short and since they are altered with the orig. hem, the seller says there is nothing left to take out.
From the auction:"*All authentic recent True Religion styles have the separate horeshoe tag, under the size tag.*" Is this new? I have some authentic TR jeans that don't have the silver horseshoe tag. The seller also has the Geisha jeans for $89!
Do you have the link?
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