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they have always sucked
those DH look off. Not slim enough, you may not have the body type for DH despite being a professional dancer
this site at its height was far more useful for fashion than superfuture and benefitted from getting more voices than jawnz has. I liked it during the good ol days
Also, if you are going to wear them, your choices are boots (hence the bootcut) a chunkier sneaker, or best of all, rainbow flip flops. Those chucks are unspeakably bad with those oversized pants that remind me of JNCO's of 1996. Christ on a cracker.
holy moly those khoffa fits are awful. You should consider that this is late 2009, not mid 2004. Not to mention the rise on those aren't flattering either. Consider viker.
I usually stuff a salami in my pants
I am glad that courtzzz is gone, down with true religion
for the most part, I wash them like a t shirt. I like it when they become washed out, however.
both auctions were mine. no regrets, wish the thanaz fit like 19cm though...
New Posts  All Forums: