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And one leg is hiked up over a shoe! What is up with that? She needs to size DOWN! She looks like she's been out all night and is just stumbling home around 7 a.m.! LOL!
Oh, this has provided some great Sunday morning entertainment! Glad a scammer got busted! That brings a smile to my face!
^^I didn't get to finish. I meant to say I'm glad they are stretching out for you because I know it sucks to have a waist that's too tight--miserable! Yay!
Quote: Originally Posted by tiff Thanks They are stretching out fine. They are comfortable everywhere but my waist is snug Yes I have lost a bit of weight (they are sz 26) I am a size 25-26 now too! I even have a pair of 24's on the way! OMG! Scary, huh? Glad they are stretching out!
You guys and gals ALL LOOK GOOD! I'm so glad I stayed up late and stumbled across this!
I bet you won't get $160, but try your luck on Ebay! Good luck!
OMG! If "going urban" means making that cute, cute DISCO line (I have already purchased the Joey), then I am ALL FOR IT!
BAH! I would never snatch a pair of jeans that weren't in my size unless it was on a forum friend's wishlist! I'm just not here for that crap! I'm not here to make money; I'm here for my own wardrobe!
He's bat shit crazy. Period.
Quote: Originally Posted by callire OMG!!! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS We're going to need picks of the rock DITTO! WHERE ARE THE PICS? Of you guys and the RING?????? CONGRATULATIONS! YAY!
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