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lets see more pics they look sick so far
WOW..that's really pathetic, none of that shit is true, and that's quite possibly the worst attempt at a marketing campaign i've ever seen...everyone was hyping up this Jeff dude from JJDenim and he wasn't smart in his decision to purchase a mass quantity of these (which as james noted are probably from an outlet), and his intelligence (or lack thereof) certainly showed in that video.
28 Zathan is not too tight on me, i don't like my jeans skin-tight like most people, so judging by what you all said, I think 27 was the right choice. Thanks a ton !
yea well i got the 27x30s..can always sell them if they're too tight
I'm normally a 28x30 in Zathan, would it be safe to go with a 27x30 in Zatiny 8iw? Please respond quick before they sell out!
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie What the hell?! That's hilarious. How can a pair of cargo shorts even be "Zatiny?" About the 'wings. To me - it's like the pocket embroidery of Zathan 70C or 60F. The Zatiny wings are so strong and distinctive that they immediately shape the personality of any jeans they're attached to. It's fine for a few pairs a season, but the 'wings have gotten so much play that their presence has become overbearing. I really...
wow those jeans are fucking ill.
yea i just thought they looked sweet, but again i definitely agree that the denim quality is equal to, if not less than, a fake pair of Zathan 772
okay so its not diesel but everyone in here is pretty familiar with nudie. so if anyone's been on the site, they can see the pictures of the 5-year old flare glenns, etc etc. well this link shows basically a fake pair of nudies already looked to be distressed. anyhow, they look really sweet for 70$, but is the denim going to be shitty? D.G super unique grunge sz 30x32 by METROSEXUALO - (eBay item 220169004630 end time Nov-11-07 01:28:10 PST)
bootcuts and converse..not a good match, as i've experienced trying on x-ro and zaf (when i owned pairs) with converse all-stars. Try a different shoe, converse sit really low to the ground, and they make your feet look really tiny.
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