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Tepphar 602M
As I just PMed to Audi..that's SCARY ! o_o     I had similar problem not long time ago on eBay....buyer opend and closed himself the case with no reason...!
Thank you, mate. As mentiond in PM I just sent you, W30 is needed :(
Ok, thanks Phukette!
Anyone roughly knows when or if will ever be on yoox for sale denim from S/S14 season?   Just checked the website and they currently have the F/W13 denim season
Already asked him about sizes...he got just a W36...... :(((     Just opened a "wanted" classified in marketplace....*fingers crossed*
As title above, I'm looking for a brand new thavar-ne wash 604N,size W30.   No washed or used please.   Let me know if you may help me, thanks!
Indeed they lok awesome! unfortunately I cannot find anywhere a Thavar jogg 604n size W30....unless retail price on diesel store where they even won't be on sale... :(   Anyone knows where I can find a pair for a decent price?
I'm pretty sure they are the same indeed. ;)
It's on sale @Diesel Online store for 229$ You could sell it for 150$ not washed..but unfortunetly yours is washed.   So, 90-100$? Imho.
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