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I'm pretty sure they are the same indeed. ;)
It's on sale @Diesel Online store for 229$ You could sell it for 150$ not washed..but unfortunetly yours is washed.   So, 90-100$? Imho.
I think they are the same wash. The pictures light is different so they look not similar. Same goes for inseam: L30 vs L34.
Sorry DA, I asked the question to wrong person :D   Already PMed DC about it, sorry again!
DA, did he offer a good discount for your 608T?
  Safado cut with darron coin pocket? Ah! :D    It's a 100% fake, mate.
Did you remember how the guy in the old diesel online store pic wore jeans? Yeah, they were pretty inaccurate regarding colors, shade, etc. But at least they looked nice on him.   Now, go on diesel online store and see how model guy wear denim: they are plain, weird and even different cuts almost look the same on him! Horrendous, using just a word.   And as many of you pointed out, as usual, wash colors are inaccurate.   I mean, does Diesel marketing team realize...
 +1 Like other guys said, Diesel is way over the top with denim nowdays. I miss old school...
Thavar 888p imho.   Just check my avatar :D
Quick update: fortunately buyer dropped the case after I send the message explaining what I said here.   So happy for that and ty for your support, guys :)
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