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just got me a clerby 82L today. how come these dont have eagles at the back pocket?
ooo i've also got a 80h wash for zathan .. is that rare? Just don't see them around a all but they are great though!
i love my jeeves.
i think i'm fairly good at spotting a fake diesel and these jeans looks nothing close to authenic. But ofcourse since i'm also in bangkok at the moment i'd love to give him a visit and if he is selling authentic i'd buy quite a few off him. What do u say? To be honest we see these everywhere here for 350-450 baht. i know someone supplying authentic diesel jeans in netherlands and the cost which he tells me he is able to get from diesel in italy is much higher even with...
i believe these jeans are real... just too good to be fake..
do these stores you mention ie nordstorm etc has online store? Would like to get good deals for authentic diesel jeans...
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