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Wonder if anyone has any info on the fitting of these. Incase you are wondering what they look like go under 772 wash in denim guide. Lots of details. I need to know the fitting and possibly their retail price. I know for sure they come in 772, 8BC, 88Z.
i actually love the 71L. Heavy denim but they are stretchy...
we have timmen 8be for our store which just arrived couple of days ago... dope!
we have seen yarik88s on ebay .. why not a timmen in 8BG?
i would be able to if it was 3 days ago but the shipment i booked has already been sent out. the 30 i had is also sold out. i reckon dieselofmiami should have this in couple of weeks as he told me new collection will be available from next month.
farco 82m + lemmen 772 probably cause they are the only 2 jeans i wear...seriously
maxim vicky had them for US$299...
Quote: Originally Posted by Narciso I should have been more clear. Before 2005 f/w, if the white size tag is missing, then the jeans is defective. (which means the first quality jeans come with black model tags and one white size tag on the waist) After that, if there's no single diesel tag attached to the jeans, then the jeans is defective. i doubt maxim vicky sells seconds. often you'd find missing cardboard size on diesel jeans even in...
nothing related but the kycut 8bg we just got for our shop is amazing too... found one on ebay so here are the photos for those curious to see.. http://cgi.ebay.de/Diesel-KYCUT-stre...QQcmdZViewItem 8BG has the effects that is best brought out when you actually wear them rather than when they are in the rack... its best to get 8bg for timmen, 8bk for slammer and 71b for viker. 89z is not the best fabric and im only ordering them for kycut mainly for its cheap price...
imo they would sell better if they were a slim fit
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